Standard Service
Documents submitted to California Civil Process for 'Standard Service' are in the field for service the following business day after receipt. 

Rush Service
Our 'Rush Service' is designed for the situation when a document must be served immediately and the service must be attempted within 2 hours of request.  In this type of situation, depending upon the availability of our field units, a FAX may be made directly to a field unit from our office, thus allowing faster service.  However, we only charge an extra fee for this service if your request will cause additional time or money.  We will notify you beforehand if a rush fee will be incurred.

Stake Out Service

The 'Stake Out Service' is available for the person who knows they are about to be served and will attempt to avoid the process server and 'personal service' must be made upon the individual.

Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment

California Civil Process performs both Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments.  A specific day for service may be requested for both the Bank Levy and the Earnings Withholding Orders.  This is a great advantage when you know there will be money in a bank account on a particular day.

Filing Service 

Filing Service with the various courts and government agencies in the local area is also available.

Skip Tracing

When the whereabouts of the individual(s) to be served is unknown, our licensed private investigators can assist you with all of your skip tracing needs.

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