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 ‘Become a Process Server’

Our ‘Process Serving Class’ is provided for anyone who wants to become a 'Registered Process Server' within the State of California.  The Class covers topics such as: 

  • How do I becoming Registered Process Server?
  • What is the Registration Process and where do I obtain my bond?
  • What are the requirements?
  • How do I obtain business?
  • What is the difference between owning a Process Serving Firm and working for one as an Independent Contractor’?
  • Obtaining business as an Independent contractor.
  • The laws pertaining to a Process Server?
  • How to Serve the Documents.
  • Preparation of Proof of Service and which ones to use.
  • Bank Levy and an Earnings Withholding Order and how to serve.       
  • Requirements for the ‘Sheriff’s Returns’.        
  • Dealing with Difficult Serves.         
  • The proper preparation of the Summons for most of the ‘Typical’ parties that a registered Process Server will encounter.
  • The proper preparation of the ‘Proof of Service’ for most of the ‘Typical’ parties that a Registered Process Server will encounter. 
  • Proper service of ‘Unlawful Detainers’ including ‘All Other Tenants’.
  • Proper service of a ‘Small Claims Order to Defendant’ and the Proof of Service.
  • Proper service of ‘Order of Examination’ and possible Criminal penalties to the Process Server if document is NOT served properly.

‘Bank Levys and Earnings Withholding Orders’

The ‘Bank Levy and Earnings Withholding Order Class’ is for ‘Registered Process Servers’ that want to provide E.W.O., Bank Levy, and Attachment Order services to their clients. As many of the Bay Area Sheriff Departments are no longer providing service of these documents, clients MUST use the services of a Registered Process Server.  Remember…if you are in one of these counties and do not provide this service for your clients, someone else will!  The ‘Bank Levy and Earnings Withholding Order’ class covers:

  • What documents the Process Server needs from the Client.
  • What documents The Process Server needs to prepare and serve.
  • How to Open a Civil File with the Sheriff of the County.
  • What fees the Sheriff will charge.
  • How to Serve the Documents after the Process Server has obtained a Civil Number from the Sheriff.
  • How to prepare the ‘Proof of Service’ and which forms to use.
  • Time requirements for the filing of the ‘Proof of Service’ with the Sheriff.



The ‘Skip Tracing Class’ is limited to Registered Process Servers and/or Licensed Private Investigators ONLY.  The class will cover the LEGAL use of public and non-public data sources, laws pertaining to the use of GPS Tacking Devices (generally illegal in California), The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978, The Drivers' Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and other related state laws, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), The California Private Investigators Act, and the use of VOIP devices.

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