Pricing as of January 1, 2021

 Print Fee - after the first 40 pages

 Fee Advances 10%   of  Fee
 CSC/CT Corp or other Registered Agents located at:

 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Sacramento

 818 West Seventh Street, Los Angeles

 All other corporate registered agents and government agencies in  Sacramento  $50

 Statewide Routine Service of:
 Civil Documents $75
 Family Law / Unlawful Detainer $90
 Personal Service Only (i.e. subpoenas, OEX, RFO) $125
 Restraining Order
 Additional Address - Same Area $50

 Additional Serve at same location (if served at same time)

 Service by First Class Mail $20
 Service by Certified Mail $30 
 E-Service (not e-filing)

 Court Filing (all fees are hourly with a one hour minimum):
 Sacramento $45
 Placer (Roseville) $60
 Placer (Auburn) $75
 Yolo $60
 El Dorado (Cameron Park) $80
 El Dorado (Placerville) $100
Rush Fees:
We only charge a rush fee if your request will cost us additional time or money.  We don’t charge extra if we have somebody already going in that direction.  If you think you have a rush, let us know, and we will disclose what the rush fee, if any, will be at that time. Call